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Sp-OIL Yourself for 7/10 with Our Concentrates of Choice

SpOIL yourself for 710 with 20% off our concentrates of choice + more from July 6-10!

Dab away with five days of deals on Select (excluding Elite Live), Jetty Extracts, Suprize Suprize, ABX (live resin/darts), Gold Flora, Sessions Supply, Beezle, Lowell (concentrates only), Level, Sensi Chews, Nug (pops & concentrates), Plus, Wonder, and Kind. 

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You know and love 4/20. Now make way for 7/10, the lesser-known celebration of cannabis concentrates. Did you know that 710 flipped upside down spells “OIL”? If you didn’t, you’re not the only one. To some, cannabis concentrates can seem intimidating. However, the term “concentrates” just means that the cannabis flower has been processed down to remove all parts of the plant except for the oils & cannabinoids. 

710 really refers to all different forms of concentrates, including oils, distillates, live resin, terpene and extracts. You don’t have to dab to partake in the fun, there are numerous different ways to consume, from vaping to edibles and more. The convenience of concentrates includes the ease and discretion of smoke-free consumption, whenever and wherever you want it. 

So this 7/10, keep calm and dab on for the dank day of your dreams. Here’s our guide to getting lit the right way for this holiday!


For smoke-free, hassle-free elevation on-the-go, vapes are our concentrate of choice. 


Treat yourself to the best-selling vape cartridge on the market! Select’s Elite line is made with activated, broad-spectrum oil with THC levels between 80-95% for a potent party punch! Lemon Jack is one our sweet Sativas for spicing up any celebration with uplifting, energizing effects.



Experience pure plant power with Jetty Extract’s unrefined live resin pax pod! Jetty focuses on preserving as much of the plant as possible, for an entourage effect that goes beyond smoking fresh flower. 

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There’s never a bad time to enjoy Mimosa, especially when it comes in the form of live resin from ABX! This Dart pod works with the compatible Dart battery to heat extract consistently and increase vapor production by 10-20%.

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Go for the gold with Gold Flora’s platinum cartridge! This cartridge is made with 100% pure CO2 extracted distillate oil and terpenes for a luxurious vaping experience.

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If you’re down to dab, look no further. We’ve got you covered with our lineup of concentrates.


No surprises here. Just high-quality live resin. Suprize Suprize was born out of a project from Royal Key Organics, at the intersection of art and cannabis. Working with cannabis cultivators and artists in California, Suprize Suprize turns fresh flower into the finest concentrates.

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Elevate your 710 session with Papaya Punch sauce from Sessions Supply Co. This indica-dominant cross between Papaya and Purple Punch works like a tropical escape, with fruity notes and relaxing, relieving effects for the essential kickback. 

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Beezle’s buzz-worthy Tri-Fi Cookies cured resin budder is known for its clear-headed high and stimulating, creativity-inducing effects. Cured resin tends to test higher in cannabinoid content than live resin, so those looking for a little extra kick won’t have to look any further.

Beezle. - Lemon Ape (1).jpg


Watermelon Zkittles is our favorite sweet escape, with fruity flavor, powerful potency and euphoric effects. Lowell’s new line of concentrates can be consumed however you like it: drop it into a dab rig, top off a bowl, line a joint or even refill your Lowell disposable vape pen.



Cannabis that comes consumable ready. 


Ice water hash in tablet form provides the extra-strength, extra-relaxing effects you need to get to the right level of elevation. Each swallowable hashtab contains 25mg of ice water hash for a one-way route to relaxation.

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Full-spectrum cannabis oil goes into these concentrate chews, with cannabinoids, phytochemicals, and reduced level of terpenes for all of the pure-plant power without the nasty aftertaste. 

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Enjoy a pop, poolside for a tropical getaway. These 1:1 CBD to THC popsicles are created with nano-emulsion technology to maximize bioavailability, making the onset time for effects way quicker than most edibles!

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Did you know your favorite PLUS Products gummies are also a favorite companion for vapers, dabbers and smokers? Keep your buzz going and maintain your high longer when you combine Plus gummies with your favorite concentrate products. That first hit will get you there, and PLUS gummies will keep you there. PLUS, Puff, Pass.

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Wonder Extracts started with Full Spectrum CBD oil, becoming the maker of the first commercially available CBD product way back in 2012 and now one of the most trusted Cannabis Oil producers in the industry. Wonder’s full-spectrum tincture is commonly used for anxiety, pain & inflammation.

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After 10 years of working together, Airfield & KIND Creations have teamed up to bring you the first-of-its-KIND Sativa capsules & tinctures fueled by Jack Herer flower, grown fresh at Airfield Supply Co.! Each consumable capsule contains 30 mg THC Sativa while the tincture has a whopping 800 mg of pure-plant power.

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