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All Hail the Hemperor: Celebrating the Life of Jack Herer

You know and love Jack Herer as one of Airfield’s most beloved Sativa strains for energetic and euphoric elevation. This sought-after strain lives up to its namesake, Jack Herer, a legendary activist whose work helped influence California’s cannabis policy. In honor of his birthday this week, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite Jack Herer inspired goodies and facts you may not have known about this hemp hero.

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Jetfuel Jack Herer

The genetics behind Jack Herer are kept a mystery but this world-renowned Sativa-hybrid is said to hail from Northern Lights, Shiva Skunk, and Haze. Fuel your daze with a little or a lot of Jetfuel’s Jack Herer, available in eighths and half-ounces. Skip the caffeine for this uplifting, clear-headed high, sure to be your new favorite daytime pick-me-up!


Jetfuel Pre-roll

Jack Herer wrote the original “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” book on actual hemp paper! Smoke a Jetfuel Jack Herer pre-roll in honor of the big day and enjoy reading about the different benefits and uses of cannabis detailed in his guide book.


Plus Lemon Jack

One of Jack’s first jobs was glass blowing pipes and he later owned one of the first shops in California selling both pipes and hemp. Speaking of power pairings, Plus and Airfield teamed up to offer the best of both worlds with Lemon Jack, sativa gummies powered by Jack Herer grown by Airfield! At 10mg per piece, these citrus edible gummies pack a powerful, energetic punch.

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Kind x Airfield Collaboration

While Jack Herer is synonymous with cannabis, he actually advocated heavily for hemp first and foremost. He believed that hemp could be used for just about anything, including food, medicine, building materials & fuel. Kind Creations has the same kind of mentality when it comes to utilizing all parts of the cannabis plant. Their manufacturing process allows for a total transfer of the cannabinoid profile from the plant to product, leaving the cannabis in its most bio-available form! We teamed up with Kind to create Jack Herer Pure Plant capsules & tincture that harnesses the full power of the plant.

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