One-of-a-KIND: Introducing a Kind x Airfield Collab! — Airfield Supply Co.

One-of-a-KIND: Introducing a Kind x Airfield Collab!

After 10 years of working together, Airfield & KIND Creations have teamed up to bring you the first-of-its-KIND Sativa capsules & tinctures fueled by Jack Herer flower, grown fresh at Airfield Supply Co.! Each consumable capsule contains 30 mg THC Sativa while the tincture has a whopping 800 mg of pure-plant power.

Ten years ago on this exact day, Paula Walter, founder of KIND Creations, walked through Airfield’s doors - the rest is history! This company’s mission is one-of-a-KIND, with a deep commitment to compassion for those in need. As a non-profit up until Prop 64, KIND donated 25% of their creations to local charities and those unable to afford treatment. 

To this day, Paula’s mission to help people access the healthiest expression of pure-plant cannabis rings true through honoring ancient methods of processing. KIND harnesses the full power of the plant through their method of processing, leaving the cannabis plant in a highly bio-available form for a more holistic and complete entourage effect.

No concentrates, distillates, extracts or isolates. Just pure plant. Unlike certain “full-spectrum” products that have been separated, isolated, or reconstructed with additives to mimic what the plant was like before it was processed, KIND’s process provides “total-spectrum”, a complete transfer of the entire cannabinoid profile from the plant.

Enjoy a one-of-a-KIND high that you can feel good about inside and out! With uplifting, energetic effects, these Sativa fueled capsules and tincture are the perfect fuel for the start of summer! Shop KIND x Airfield products in-store, online & delivery, available now!